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Health is wealth. But how to lead a healthy life? A healthy person has a complex physical, emotional, familial, social, cultural and economic wellness balance. A good personal healthcare guide, companion and service resource is always required to help achieve and maintain this critical balance. Ashray Medical Centre in West Delhi is one such established and reliable healthcare guide and companion. Avail simple and effective healthcare membership benefits under Ashray's unique and innovative SAATH Program. SAATH (Sustainable and Affordable Total Healthcare Programme) - aims at providing PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE & RECUPERATIVE healthcare services at really AFFORDABLE costs, for its MEMBER'S LIFETIME. Membership enrollment opens on 21st of September, 2016, Wednesday Membership Services start on 3rd of October, 2016. Monday Remember, affordable and reliàble medical and surgical healthcare services are available only at Ashray Medical Centre in West Delhi
What is an affordable medical and surgical healthcare service Accessibility, Reasonable Pricing, Dignity and Faithful Interactions: The Niche of an Affordable Healthcare Service Affordability refers to an individual’s economic potential to bear expenses. In a situation where a service is to be dispensed, both the service provider and the service seeker need to bear their own sets of expenses. Non-affordability on one’s part affects the affordability of another one. Therefore, affordability is a two way entity, defined broadly by the following three criteria: 1. Accessibility: The most basic need is to ensure that a healthcare service is within the reach and expenses of a seeker. An ideal situation means maximum possibilities of both being available at each other’s location conveniently and cost-effectively. 2. Reasonable Pricing: Price for a service is reasonable when both the affording and hard affording individuals are able to bear it alike, given that the outcome of the service is standard and its basic expenses are recovered. A good service must satisfy its clients with its continued availability and the values attributed to it during its disbursement. 3. Perception of dignity during service: Irrespective of their own socioeconomic background, a client and a service provider expect to receive due respect from each other. Ethics, honesty, patience, humility and in-time mutual availability of both at the time of need are essential to make the service experiences emotionally as-well-as professionally affordable. 4. The key to best outcomes of a service: Positives in their behavioural reciprocation is an ideal key for encouraging maximum healthy interactions between service providers and clients, Ideally, the best service environment will make a service provider, its affording clients and hard-affording clients comfortable in each other’s presence. These aspects mark the challenges of affordability of healthcare services in India also, both for the service provider as-well-as for the service seeker. Practically, it lies with the service provider to design an affordable healthcare service, make people know about it and deliver it efficiently. Therefore, innovations are required in all aspects of care, including institutional as-well-as community healthcare, specially for preventive measures, which would reduce the cost of an individual’s curative healthcare. Ashray Medical Centre in Kirti Nagar is such an established healthcare organization, which is constantly focussed on providing quality and affordable healthcare services to all its clients. The institution has been regularly innovating its service designs since last fifteen years and has today achieved the status of being a complete healthcare provider. Further than rendering quality medical and surgical services, it is creating a pool of talents through Ashray Institute of Paramedical Sciences and has created a new department by the name of Ashray Outreach Services to spearhead its noble cause of creating awareness and delivering on the front of social health. All are invited to explore the affordable and sincere healthcare and academic services of Ashray Medical Centre in Kirti Nagar of our national capital region. Ashray Medical Centre, Kirti Nagar, West Delhi, Delhi
Best quality of healthcare studies in West Delhi! Counselling and admissions are on for vocational degrees and diplomas in Patient Care Management, Medical Imaging Technologies and Medical Lab Technology. Start a healthy career in healthcare at - Ashray Institute of Paramedical Sciences, West Delhi!
A healthy individual thrives on health-pro behaviours, one of them being getting preventive health check-ups done at regular intervals. Avail maximum discounts in the full range of blood tests at - Ashray Medical Centre!
A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison. We can help to release you-at -ASHRAY MEDICAL CENTRE
Only right exercises make one fit and healthy, not the wrong exercises! Avail best quality exercise therapy services by a senior Exercise Physiotherapist, at - Ashray Medical Centre!
Only right exercises make one fit and healthy, not the wrong exercises! Avail best quality exercise therapy services by a senior Exercise Physiotherapist, at - Ashray Medical Centre!
Dental Cavities making your meal times painful and irritating? Ignoring and suppressing dental cavity issues is definitely not healthy. Welcome to a very comfortable dental care unit, where expert dental consultations and procedures are performed at very affordable prices, since past many years. Visit for a consultation at the Dental Department of - Ashray Medical Centre!
Only right exercises make one fit and healthy, not the wrong exercises! Avail best quality exercise therapy services by a senior Exercise Physiotherapist, at - Ashray Medical Centre!