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Health is wealth. But how to lead a healthy life? A healthy person has a complex physical, emotional, familial, social, cultural and economic wellness balance. A good personal healthcare guide, companion and service resource is always required to help achieve and maintain this critical balance. Ashray Medical Centre in West Delhi is one such established and reliable healthcare guide and companion. Avail simple and effective healthcare membership benefits under Ashray's unique and innovative SAATH Program. SAATH (Sustainable and Affordable Total Healthcare Programme) - aims at providing PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE & RECUPERATIVE healthcare services at really AFFORDABLE costs, for its MEMBER'S LIFETIME. Membership enrollment opens on 21st of September, 2016, Wednesday Membership Services start on 3rd of October, 2016. Monday Remember, affordable and reliàble medical and surgical healthcare services are available only at Ashray Medical Centre in West Delhi
Want to have all healthcare services at low prices? Looking for healthcare at your home, community, workplace and hospitals? Join SAATH healthcare membership programme at Ashray Medical Centre, Kirti Nagar Sustainable and Affordable Total Healthcare Programme (SAATH) aims at providing the best quality preventive, curative and recuperative healthcare services at affordable prices, for its members' lifetime. Total healthcare services for one's lifetime is possible only with SAATH healthcare membership programme of Ashray Medical Centre, Kirti Nagar.
Inspiring real life articles and stories! Feeling sad and depressed about your long term physical disability? Feeling insecure and stressed about your family's future? Read our latest story "How an illiterate father enlightened his would-be blind son's life" in our "Ashray's Original Healthcare Articles and Stories for You" section. An initiative by Ashray Medical Centre towards long term affordable healthcare, in Kirti Nagar.
What to do in a healthcare emergency? We teach Basic Life Support skills to enable general population handle health emergencies like heart attack and breathing arrest in and around their place of living, working and leisure! Best quality community healthcare services are provided by Ashray Medical Centre, in West Delhi!
Quality dialysis at low costs in Delhi! Dialysis helps a chronically affected kidney patient to regain his or her functional life. However, cost puts a lot of pressure on the patient's finances. Best quality of dialysis service, at most affordable prices, is available at - Ashray Medical Centre, Delhi!
Wish to get relief from day-to-day lifestyle stress on your health? Avail solution oriented Physiotherapy for Stress service at - Ashray Medical Centre!
Many a times in life, specially when physical movements become difficult, impatience creeps in one's life. Have no worries now, as a second opinion in Physiotherapy can always come to provide the right picture ahead! Welcome to Exercise Physiotherapy Unit at - Ashray Medical Centre!
Exercises have the best potential to provide honest and most direct feedback on current health status! Effects of health problems - like stress, fatigue, old age, injuries, surgeries and lifestyle diseases like chronic kidney diseases and diabetes etc. - on one's physical agility and movements can be controlled with individualized exercise designs. Welcome to the Exercise Therapy unit at - Ashray Medical Centre!
Affordability is a major hindrance in timely access of life saving general surgeries. While the pricing innovations reduce the overall costs, laparoscopic surgeries help reduce the recovery time. Affordable laparoscopic surgeries are being performed successfully since past more than fifteen years, at - Ashray Medical Centre! सही और कम दाम में लैप्रोस्कोपिक सर्जरी पीछले पंद्रह वर्षों से अधिक समय से, भरोसेमंद नतीजों के साथ - आश्रय मेडिकल सेन्टर।