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A. A Personal Healthy Life ! An individual’s health is an absolutely personal experience. However, since birth till the last moments, this experience is dependent on numerous contributions from people belonging to various formal and informal teams in a person’s life. These teams can be broadly classified into non-healthcare teams and healthcare teams. 1.Non-healthcare Teams: These teams comprise of those sub-teams, which are not involved in any professional healthcare service activity but their honest and committed contributions help an individual lead a maximally independent and healthy life. Few of the examples are: Good virtues, healthy disciplines and emotional controls conditioned by parents, relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers and religious preachers A milkman’s good quality of milk A vegetable seller’s fresh vegetables A sanitation team keeping all the drains in the locality clean A gardener facilitating relaxing and scenic garden views Lawmakers ensuring road safety and personal security A service provider ensuring timely and efficient service to clients and forwarding appropriate leaves and salaries to employees. This list is endless. An individual requires to develop a judicious understanding of continuously combining and re-combining the contributions of all such non-healthcare team members to reap the benefits of personal good health. 2.Healthcare Teams: These teams comprise of various sub-teams, which are involved in providing professional healthcare services. These sub-teams are categorized as medical, nursing, paramedical, non-medical and allied healthcare professionals. The members of these teams contribute in the following ways: a.Monitoring and preventing deterioration of existing good health b.Treating health problems c.Helping in regaining maximally functional life following treatment of health problems B. Ashray Medical Centre Ashray Medical Centre’s established reputation as an honest and committed healthcare institution since past fifteen years roots from the above explained age old natural system of health only. We understand that as a responsible professional unit, our team goal is to make our patients and their families regain independence in personal health management, rather than being unreasonably dependent on us. Ashray Medical Centre’s SAATH Programme is a long term visionary realignment to this age-old healthcare understanding only. The SAATH programme aims to provide affordable preventive, curative and recuperative professional healthcare services for the longest period of time. The basic idea is to assist individuals start monitoring and maintaining their health as early as possible, so as to save them the suffering and costs in situations of unforeseen health issues. The programme is aimed to create an enhanced awareness towards personal health in the society. To make our services efficient in cost and availability to its beneficiaries, they will be offered through a simple membership method. C. SAATH PROGRAMME! The programme is simple in its concept. The simplicity of this programme lies in that it is: a.Simple to become its beneficiary, either as an individual, group or community member. Membership has lifetime validity and does not require any renewals. b.Professional services need not always be availed as a package only. Many single service benefits are also available to members. c.Gain increased benefits through automatically upgraded membership over a period of time for believing in and availing our healthcare services as and when required. Again, there is no time limit within which one has to compulsorily avail our services to become eligible for upgraded membership benefits d.Having best possibilities of reaping benefits also when a number of individuals belonging to one’s own group or community also avail this programme’s benefits. To start our role in an individual’s personal healthcare, our team needs to know details of existing and past health of each member. a .So, the first process is recording this information. Following this, the enrollment is done at the most basic level – as a Silver Member. With no specified time limit, as and when Silver members avail Ashray’s requisite healthcare services (in preventive, curative and recuperative categories), beyond a pre-determined cumulative bill amount paid for these services, they automatically get upgraded to benefits as Gold Members and similarly, further as Platinum Members. Platinum Level Membership is the highest level membership for any INDIVIDUAL. b.Further, if the number of programme members from a common geographical location or group reaches a pre-determined mark, subject to feasibilities, our selected services will be automatically made available to those members at their local COMMUNITY level. There will again be Silver, Gold and Platinum level community health benefits available. Please Note: The detailed programme structure, service designs, terms and conditions will be made available during individualized programme counselling, which will take place through a pre-scheduled appointment, either at Ashray Medical Centre, enquirer’s home or workplace, telephonically and/or e-mails. Ashray Medical Centre reserves all the rights pertaining to the programme.

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