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Assistant Home Health Aide Service (Patient's Caregiver)

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Ashray Medical Centre invites everyone to explore and hire our accountable and reasonably priced quality non-medical home healthcare service, for their near and dear ones, in Delhi/NCR region. This service is designed to provide non-invasive preventive and curative support to non-medical healthcare needs of care-receivers where, the caregiver will only implement non-medical care tasks, as prescribed by doctors and family and will not, in any manner, be suggesting or prescribing any medicine, diet or exercise. The non-invasive healthcare support will be provided for the following broad categories of care: 1. Respiratory care 2. Bladder and bowel care 3. Bathing, dressing and grooming care 4. Skin care 5. Oral care 6. Nutrition care 7. Post-operative drain care 8. Bandaging care 9. Infection prevention, fall safety care 10. Managing healthcare emergencies non-medically before access of medical help 11. Escortship during family functions, local medical trips and hospital stays 12. Subject to feasibility, providing assistance in care-receiver related minor house errands 13. Documenting and reporting Ashray Medical Centre implements the following process of care for non-medical home health aide/attendant services: 1. Counselling for our care process and prices 2. Care assessment, care planning and service delivery 3. Collecting advance payments and billing 4. Grievance redressal The service is available across the following four levels of non-medical healthcare support needs, at care-receiver’s place of stay: 1. Basic Level - Non-invasive physical care & fall safety care 2. Intermediate Level - Non-invasive physical care & fall safety care Documentation care (in local language) 3. Highest Level - Non-invasive physical care & fall safety care Documentation care (in English language) Multimedia communication (online healthcare reports and e-mails) 4. Short-term Level - Any of the above, required for 4 to 8 hours for a day, few days, month or on as and when required basis Commitment to service is subject to availability of a regular and a back-up caregiver, within the following feasibility factors, for any prospective care assignment: 1. Service shift requested 2. Number of service hours per service session 3. Total number of service sessions 4. Frequency of service sessions – whether 5 days/ 6 days/ 7 days per week 5. Care-receiver’s location Service Price: 1.Our service price has a fixed component and a flexible component. Depending upon the above feasibility factors, our service price (fixed & variable combined) normally ranges between Rs. 350/- to Rs. 950/- per service session for day shift (4,8,12 hours service), night shift (13 hours, 7pm - 8am) and 24 hours shift. 2. A discount of 3% (three percent only) of the fixed price component will be provided to the client, for the first month of service. The continuity of services at an ongoing care assignment may be modified due to incompatibilities arising in the following feasibility factors: 1. Change in care-receiver’s location 2. Change in care-receiver’s service needs 3. Consistent, unavoidable and significant external interferences in caregiver’s work at care-receiver’s place 4. Unavailability of a regular and back-up caregiver during an ongoing care assignment, due to genuine reasons A 100% refund of unused services will be made to the client. This will also apply to situations where clients choose to discontinue our services midway. Our sincere GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL SYSTEM is the best reason to hire our services. We work honestly and neutrally to balance the psycho-physical-emotional situations of care-receivers, clients and caregivers in favour of maintaining our focus on the outcome of care. Above all, we tend to commit only to service aspects feasible for our team to deliver.

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